Genrefluent 2.0

Mar 25

Tesseracts & Infundibulum

I love books and I love words. Throughout my life I’ve formed innumerable memories around them. Every once in a while I read a word that makes a whole book come rushing back into my mind. I’m currently reading Planesrunner by Ian McDonald and “infundibulum” popped up bringing that rush of memories. The first time I encountered it was when Niles Rumford was strewn across the solar system in a chronosynclastic infundibulum. I was in Gunnison, CO, the year was 1971 and my favorite book that year was Sirens of Titan. I was a 17 year old college freshman with no parental financial support and no financial aid living in the dorms, as required, and fasting on the weekends since the dining halls were only open Monday - Friday. Books sustained me. 

Just have to mention tesseract since it is another book word that stands out vividly in my mind. I encountered it in A Wrinkle in Time the summer after 3rd grade. The brand new book was proudly sitting atop the card catalog in the children’s section of the Naha Air Force Base Library where shiny new books were placed when they came in. I already was a SF fan but it cemented my love for the genre.

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